These cute hats not only look great but will shade your dog's eyes from the sun.  




Sizing guidelines:  Daschunds and Westies generally wear a size M, a Maltese cross generally wears a size small.  Golden Retrievers are a size XL.


Size S diameter is 8.5cm, head size is 31cm  SOLD OUT

Size M diamater is 11cm, head size is 34cm  SOLD OUT

Size L diameter is 13.5cm, head size 31cm

Size XL diameter is 16cm, head size 44cm


Contact me for sizing assistance if needed.  Diameter is the space between the ears, head size is total head circumference.




$15.00 Regular Price
$13.00Sale Price
  • Extend the strap and place under your dog's chin while placing the hat on their head. Pop the ears through the earholes and set in place. Ensure the whole ear comes through as this will ensure it stays in place.  Tighten the strap using the toggle.

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